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Zero Energy Challenge 2012

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RKL Pictures News - 2013

-- Nov 2013- Launched a new Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for a TV pilot starring the Hanson Brothers from the legendary film, "Slap Shot".

-- Oct 2013- Finally getting it together. Sort of. Launching a new YouTube Channel that will feature as much work not under NDA that we can put up. Most of the content will move from this site to the YouTube Channel.

-- Feb 2013- Once again teaming up with Matt from Bradbury Digital and John G from PHOTOGRAPHS to produce "What's New?" product videos for Lyman Products.

-- Feb 2013- After neglecting this site for two years, we have decided to try and put some new content up here so people know we're still around. HAHA.

-- Jan 2013- Working with Jon Higgins at Northeast Utilties and Mark Devin of Aspect TV & Film to produce another series of "Zero Energy Challenge" videos for CL&P and the CT Energy Efficiency Fund. View the videos for 2011 and 2012 (To be posted).


-- 17 More Telly Awards for Work in 2010- Keith Larsen is happy to be part of the creative team at Northeast Utilities who has banked another 17 Telly Awards for work done in calendar year 2010. "I am so fortunate to be able to have creative freedom and collaboration with some great people over at NU" he says.

-- Presidential Targets Documentary Getting Back on Track (Jan 2011)-
Discussions have begun with "Head Target" Paul Heriot to resurrect the old Presidential Targets documentary idea. RKL Pictures will take the lead on re-cutting an existing segment and begin to seek finishing funds.

-- CT Whale Spots (Dec 2010)-
Keith Larsen is happy to have been called into Moving Pictures to edit new CT Whale TV Spots. "Being a huge hockey fan and a goalie myself makes jobs like this one so much more fun to tackle."

-- RKL Teams Up for TV Pilot (Nov 2010)-
RKL Pictures is teaming upwith Bradbury Digital and Kristina Walter Creative to develop a reality show pilot tentatively entitled, "The Angry Hair". The pilot will be shot between December 2010 and May 2011 and follows the unique exploits of David Sidlik and his zany salon with a West Hollywood flair. Upon completetion the pilot will be shopped to several networks.

-- Announcing ProductionCONN 2011 (August 2010)-
RKL Pictures has launched an idea to organize and hold the first major industry trade show in Connecticut ever! Dates to be announced for the expo to be held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Cromwell, CT.

-- RKL Pictures, Digital Surgeons and KMC Music Inc. collaborate together. (April 15, 2010) - Digital Surgeons in New Haven has partnered with RKL Pictures/Bradbury Digital to re-brand KMC Music's line of Ovation Guitars. DS will be re-designing the logo treatments and all print and web material. RKL Pictures/Bradbury Digital will be shooting and handling post-production and delivery on a series of 8 videos to be included on USB drives with each guitar purchase and web distribution. The new website and product launch s slated for June 15, 2010

-- More Awards trickle in (July 10, 2009) - The Northeast Utilities Electrical Safety Video entitled "Your Safety on the Line" has won more Awards.

· Three Silver Telly Awards
· An Award of Excellence, the highest honor from the International Academy of Visual Arts’ Communicator Awards ceremony.
· Two Magnum Opus Awards recognizing excellence in corporate and customer communications.

RKL Pictures was honored to be part of a creative team working with individuals from other production companies to collaborate on such a well received video.

-- Fender Musical Instruments Corp and RKL Pictures collaborate together. (July 9, 2009) - Fender Musical Instruments Corp., has partnered with RKL Pictures to produce two projects for their Guild Guitar line of products. We are really excited to add Fender to our growing list of clients!

-- Keith Larsen Judges Student Film Festival (May 9, 2009) - As part of the Connecticut Student Innovation EXPO, the largest high school event in the state, the festival is celebrating the work of the Center for 21st Century Skills' new Digital Media and Moviemaking program. Nearly two thousand participants attended this year, as young film makers put their production companies on display and showed the projects that they produced with the guidance of their teachers and professional guidance through the Center for 21st Century Skills.

-- Keith Larsen Teaches Final Cut Pro at Tripeg Studios (April 6, 2009) - The Center for 21st Century Skills' new Digital Media and Moviemaking program, in conjunction with Tripeg Studios in Hamden held a two day workshop in digital production for high schools gathered from all over Connecticut. Keith Larsen was asked to teach editng courses to several groups involved.

What people say about RKL Pictures--

"Thank you for being such an individual. Life is made up of too many lemmings and it’s refreshing to see someone who actually breaks out of the mold once in awhile."-- Jim Clark, Senior Manager Corporate Accounts, Sara Lee Foodservice

"You are truly a 'mover and shaker' in the industry and have enriched the professional lives of many people in this state and elsewhere. In case you haven't been reminded of this lately, your energy, enthusiasm and expertise are very much appreciated. All the best and hope to see you one of these days." -- Guy Ortoleva, Tripeg Studios

"Thank you all for the incredible levels of support and expertise you consistently provide to Rod and others who rely on you for a variety of key projects and deliverables. Each of you are known as go-to, can-do professionals who deliver the highest quality work. You've earned a fine reputation and as your coworker I appreciate all that you do". -- Deb Beauchamp, Northeast Utilities

"So sorry that I could not get through my message without choking up. Everyone here that has seen your outstanding work has reacted the same way. The spot is PERFECT! Absolute perfection!! Thank you so very much for the generosity of your time and talent to create this ad. We…and the animals in our care…are in your debt, Keith." -- Candy Lash, Director of Community & Media Relations, Dakin Pioneer Valley Humane Society

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